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Follow the bold faith story of a young couple who moved oversees to do God's work, shortly to find themselves without resources, and how God grew them into fruitful leaders in the unexpected mission field that is the business market place.  

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“Through authenticity and faith, we can embrace our uniqueness and discover the freedom that lies in leveraging that in the marketplace. My story is for His glory, and His Kingdom purposes." - Katie Hornor

Season One Episode One Releases October 13, 2023

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Season One:

THE FLAMINGO ADVANTAGE series is a testament to the transformative potential of embracing one's unique qualities within the realm of business while living out your faith authentically and boldly in the marketplace.

Each episode brings you insights, inspiration, and practical wisdom to help you see your work as worship and to thrive as an entrepreneur through the experiences and wisdom of Tap and Katie Hornor.

Episode 1 (Oct 13)

Episode 4 (Nov 17)

Write the Vision

Episode 2 (Oct 20)

Pioneering Something New

Episode 5 (Dec 1)

Dreaming Bigger

Episode 3 (Nov 3)

Seeing Pink

Episode 6 (Dec 15)

A Family Business

About The Series

In partnership with Bizable.TV, on October 13, 2023 Tap and Katie Hornor of are excited to unveil a compelling documentary series that delves into the remarkable entrepreneurial and life adventures that God has walked them through.

The series promises to captivate audiences with a profound narrative. Through the lens of their own experiences going from broke and broken ministers, stuck overseas, to blessing through business, the Hornors aim to lift up fellow entrepreneurs by sharing valuable lessons learned. 

Taking their inspiration from the quirky pink flamingo, they believe that your message matters, work can be worship, and the marketplace can be the greatest mission field of all for those willing to embrace their God-given uniqueness and leverage it for His glory. 

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