Business Lessons for Success
From Nehemiah

Katie taught these lessons live June 14-23, 2021

Wow! I just got to watch Day 1. I LOVE the encouragement to identify and minister to "our people" in God's love. To be passionate in service . . . in His purpose and in His love and provision. Thank you! This message nudged me to define who God is calling me to serve. I want to encourage "my people" to intentionally pursue JOY one moment, one choice, at a time. Looking forward to your message from Day 2! I appreciate your heart and Biblical focus. - Debbie Howard


Day 2:

When God gives YOU a vision, you don't need anyone else's permission. Ask God for favor, ask man for blessing if you must, but let nothing stop you for following God's path

"Thank you for the new twist you’re giving me on Nehemiah. Love it! Love your passion." - Marcia Bednar

"Boldness comes from being on your face before God. Asking for blessing not permission. I'm pondering this!" - Emmie Manor


Day 3:

Silence is not always bad - I'm offering the perspective that it could be preparation... 

"Thank you! I know I’m called and over the years I feel I have been given visions of this season of life." - Jennifer Hoffer

"I am enjoying catching up on these! Your applications from Nehemiah are fantastic! - Debbie Howard


Day 4: 

When you do business WITH God you recognize his gracious hand at work in every instance. Those who point the credit/glory back to him are those he can use now and for perpetuity. 

"The gracious hand of my God was upon me . . . " That's truly overwhelming . . . Looking forward to Day 5!" - Debbie Howard


Day 5: 

Whenever you do set out to do something for the Lord, or follow a vision he's given you, you will be the object of attacks and trials, distractions and deterrents. Here's how to handle that when it happens - because it will. 

"God is most certainly using you through this series, Katie Hornor!" - Lisha Nation

"So appreciate the proactive approach in this lesson to anticipating and claiming Christ's victory over our self doubt, distraction, and criticism. Perfect timing!" - Debbie Howard


Day 6: 

Recognizing that this business is His business, this story is only a smaller part of the bigger STORY God is writing on the pages of time is Inspiring, humbling and hope-giving. Here are today's thoughts from Nehemiah for your business. 

"That's Beautiful." - Brittney Myers

"So great." - Jennifer Hoffer


Day 7: 

Your people probably don't feel qualified either. They probably feel like the task they've been called to do is overwhelming and impossible. It's y our great privilege and responsibility as a leader to speak life into them and be their cheerleader, just as Nehemiah was in today's episode.

"Thank you! Needed the encouragement" - Robin Grega

"That was so great. We all need someone to tell us we can do this."  - Sofia H.

Day 8: 

One thing all great leaders have in common is a willingness to invest in their vision. A generosity that cares for the people who come along side to help. You can also be successful as you develop this trait of generously pouring into your vision and those who help make your vision a reality. 

"Thank you!" - Jeff Ashcraft

Day 9: 

A good leader knows success is a group effort. You must enroll others in your vision. Surround yourself with those who can pour into you and those into whom you can pour into as well. See others as colleagues not competitors. 

"Thank you for being so real with us. The timing is perfect. His spirit is so at work!!" - Connie Buskohl

"Katie, I love all that you've shared from Nehemiah. The wisdom you share I found to be very encouraging. Thank you for being you. Your transparency and authenticity shines through all you do. " - Debra Alford


Day 10: 

How often do you take time to evaluate your wins? celebrate your progress? Count your blessings? In today's episode we see the value of celebration and gratitude and a necessary part of the story of success. 

"Thank you so much!! So needed this study! I now see Nehemiah so differently. Wow!" - Robin Grega

"I just understood the connection of Nehemiah and all those who helped who were unqualified. Wow! If they were unqualified and did it anyway, so should I. " - Myrna Buckles

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