Change Your Thinking - Change Your Life!

Saboteur & Hero Cards to Keep You Successfully Thinking & Acting in the Power of the Truth. 

This pack of 14 Cards features Saboteurs that often keep us stuck in indecisiveness and distraction and the corresponding antidote Heroes who focus us back on Truth and give us the power to make steps forward. 

Personifying our struggles with these delightful characters allows us to safely recognize and address the problem areas in our beliefs and thinking that keep us stuck so that we can correct them and take the actions we want to take to gain momentum and make positive progress.

Each of the 7 DUCKYALITY™ Saboteur card includes examples of what you might be thinking that tips you off this villain is lurking nearby. 

Each of the 7 DUCKYALITY™ Hero card includes an alternative choice for your thoughts and a Scripture verse to give you firm foundational Truth to stand on as you defeat the sabotage.

Great for personal and professional use, these cards are powerful communication tools for both adults and children. Keep on your desk or in your purse, give as gifts to office mates, employees, friends, students, stocking stuffers... 

Product Specs:

Card stock: (S30) Standard Smooth

Finish: MPC game card finish, size 2.2" x 3.43" US Game Deck Size

Packaging: Shrink-wrapped inside a cardboard box.

Shipping: $8 flat rate shipping per order. USA only. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Here’s what people are saying about the DUCKYALITY™ Cards

I love these! Thank you so much for creating them.

Myrna buckles, MLM/Direct sales coach

These cards are genius! We can use them to work through what our kids are dealing with.

Emmie Manor, Family Discipleship coach

I am so glad you created these Katie. They are SO helpful!

Jennifer Elia, online visibility coach


















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