Katie Helps Entrepreneurs Find Your Inner Flamingo, Embrace your Uniqueness and Serve in a Way No One Else Does. 

Only YOU can do the work you've been uniquely prepared to do -

but you don't have to (and shouldn't) do it alone. 

Who is Katie?

Katie Hornor, an expat entrepreneur in a historic seaside town in tropical México, has inspired millions of people with her multiple best-selling books and unique approach to business. 

As a homeschool mom of five and ministry wife turned business coach, author, and international speaker, Katie has created a unique framework for coaching offers, client experience & marketing, and helped over 8,000 entrepreneurs learn to leverage the impact of their unique expertise without compromising their faith, core values or non-negotiables.

Katie takes her inspiration from the quirky pink flamingo and believes your message matters, you were created to stand out not blend in, and that everyone can find joy in doing “work as worship” when it aligns with their God-given purpose.