Are You a Christian Entrepreneur in Need of Educational Funding to Grow Your Business?

The C. Kent Chapman Christian

Entrepreneur Educational Scholarship 

  • WHO IS IT FOR?: The C. Kent Chapman Christian Entrepreneur Educational Scholarship exists to empower believers in the marketplace to invest in their own education for the growth of the Kingdom and the glory of God. The fund provides financing for the educational opportunities of Christian business owners who demonstrate a living faith, a real financial need, and a vision for greater impact in the Kingdom.
  • WHAT CAN SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS BE USED FOR? Applicants will be required to provide information for the educational/personal development opportunity for which they desire funding. This includes, but is not limited to courses, programs, trainings, events that will provide knowledge, experience, or opportunity to grow the business that would not be accessible without the scholarship opportunity. 
  • WHO CAN APPLY? Applicants should have a personal faith in the triune God of the Bible, should be active in ministry efforts, as well as be the owner/founder of their own business. 
  • HOW MUCH FUNDING IS AVAILABLE? Applicants can request any dollar amount. Final scholarship amounts will be determined by the Scholarship board, and awarded directly to the Educational provider.
  • WHAT'S THE CATCH? Scholarship recipients are not bound by contract to repay any of the funds awarded, however, we do expect recipients to make an honorable pledge to pay it forward by making a donation back to the fund within the next 5 years so that others may continue to benefit from the same opportunity. 

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Who is C. Kent Chapman?

Clyde Kent Chapman (1/22/1932 - 4/20/2020) was husband to Marna for 69 years, father of 7, grandfather of 24, and great-grandfather of 54. 

He was a problem solver, an inventor, an author, an entrepreneur, a minister and a poet whose biggest passion was that other people know and follow Christ. He believed that nothing surprises God, and that both business and ministry give us opportunities to share the Gospel.

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This Scholarship fund was created by his family as a grateful tribute to his legacy, and scholarship decisions are made by the scholarship board. Please email for information on how you can make a tax-deductible contribution.

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