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    What Others Are Saying:

    Lisa Wilder

    "Just want to say thanks! Not sure how I "stumbled into watching these videos other than God. Just in the 5 days since starting to watch these, I am seeing direction and a path opening up in front of me."

    Maria del Rosario Vigil

    "Dear Katie, your classes are so deep and are taking root in my heart and soul... It's hard to choose just 1 take away, but I will try... 'He will DIRECT my steps, not my standing still' spoke loud to me as I tend to wait analyzing what did He just tell me to do."

    Laurie Fatica-Tice

    "These lessons are an answer to prayer and so God will be using them in my life and business and I know it will be true for countless others! Thank you for listening to the Lord and obeying."

    About Katie Hornor: Your Instructor

    Katie Hornor is a popular author, online business coach, mentor, podcaster and international speaker with two decades of ministry and entrepreneurial experience.

    She has a M. Ed. and has studied under the best names in online business and marketing world including Jeff Walker, Michael Hyatt, Jeff Goins, Ray Edwards, Stu McLaren, Pete Vargas, Pat Quinn, Steve G. Jones, Linda Hollander, Ryan Levesque, Pat Flynn and Aaron Walker. And has been mentored spiritually through the works and teachings of Jim Berg, Nancy DeMoss Woglemuth, Mardi Collier and others. 

    The founder of HandprintLegacy.com and Lemonhass.com, she is also the leader of the worldwide Spanish homeschool movement and the author of over 24 courses and 50 self-published books, including Faith Like Flamingos: The Christian Business Guide to Walking Out Your Faith in Bold Color and eight other Amazon best-sellers. 

    From her experience developing a movement, leading a ministry and training leaders, she has unique insights into how you can live out your faith in the marketplace, and you MUST because “Your Message Matters.” 

    Katie and her husband Tap run their business, love on their students, and homeschool their five kids while living abroad in tropical Mexico. Connect with her at www.HandprintLegacy.com

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